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From the world in my mouth to the world on a plate.......

Now I have to say I am lucky, I am very lucky. With London just 25 minutes away on the train I have the culinary world on my doorstep. I've been to some stunning restaurants, so when I was invited by some great friends to one I haven't visited before, 'Dinner' by Heston Blumenthal , how could I refuse?

In the heart of Knightsbridge, within the Mandarin Oriental hotel sits Heston's creation championing British cuisine over the centuries.

Well, the review is short, sweet and very much to the point.....Stunning. Yes I could bang on about how light and wonderfully creative the meat fruit was, or how the tipsy cake was possibly the best dessert I have ever eaten, but I am not going to. What I am going to do though, and I make no apology, is pick out one dish that stood out head and shoulders above all others. And I also make no apology when I go on and on and on about this truly amazing plate of heaven with roots that can be traced back to 1390....Rice and Flesh.

Honesty is always the best policy, I didn't come across this by chance. I was advised well in advance that this dish was a must have. The silkiest, glossiest, saffroniest(?) risotto I have ever seen. Tender dots of calves tail bleeding into the starchy al dente loveliness, topped with delicate red Amaranth. Oh my! This dish is up there, right up there. I have a good personal gauge of how good a risotto is. A built in Risottometer. The longer it takes to eat the better it is, and this one took a mighty long time. Every mouthful savoured as if it was the last thing on earth, the world in my mouth. Criticism? Yes, just one piece...why is this not a main course?

And the world on a plate? Well less than 24 hours after this unforgettable experience I ventured on a mini cruise break with some good mates. Food from every corner of the world we were promised and food from every corner we got. British, Mexican, Spanish, American...the list went on. We tried them, yes we tried them all....and then we tried then again. So what would tempt me to go back for seconds, what would potentially make it onto the metaphorical 'death row' last meal? I will let you decide, but let me leave you with one thing. I was also grateful the cruise came with beer from every corner of the globe as well to help numb the palate.

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