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Burger Perfection.

We've always believed that a burger is a work of art. A burger should never be neglected. You always remember when and where you have had a good burger.

Now, we at Jimmy Ginger's treat our burgers with love, mincing fresh cuts of beef, diligently choosing condiments and sourcing the best buns, but we wanted to discover the very best combination, we wanted to discover 'burger perfection'.

So, teaming up with some very good friends who have a similar passion, we set aside a Saturday and set to work.

First the most important part; The Meat. What is the perfect meat blend? We started off with Sirloin, Rib-eye, Rump and Chuck. Tasting a well seasoned patty of each, straight away we had some clear favourites. We understand it can also depend on the quality of that particular cut, but our stand out pair were Chuck and Rump. Surprisingly, during cooking, the Chuck seemed the least fatty by far, and when we tasted we realised why. The fat had remained within the meat, leaving a delicious moist patty. The Rump, which released the most fat on cooking, came a close second on flavour, but was much drier in texture. We tested different blends of the various cuts and all eventually came to the same conclusion 50% Chuck, 50% Rump. The combination of the two flavours along with the retained fat from the chuck was just stunning. Next, what to put into the mix with the beef? Egg or breadcrumbs to bind? This was easy and something we knew we did not need to spend any time on. A perfect burger needs Maldon sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper, nothing more.

So with the Burger patty sorted it was down to cheese and condiments. I guess this is down to personal choice. Ours? Well we settled for one slice of Monterey Jack and one sliced of American processed. Giving that cheese hit sensation without overpowering the beef. After trying various toppings, our perfect combination comprised of Burger sauce ( equal parts Hellmann's mayo, Heinz ketchup and French's mustard), streaky bacon, pickled Jalapeños (Jimmy Ginger's of course) and tobacco onions (onions thinly sliced, drenched in milk, dusted with seasoned flour and lightly fried).

When it comes to buns, I have given up making my own. Baking just isn't for me. If you like your burger served on some kind of cow pat shaped salty house brick, I am your man. If not, then I would suggest a lightly toasted Marks and Spencer ultimate burger bun. Their buns are soft, fresh, but not briochy.

So there you have it. Burger perfection. Actually with a cold beer or a nice glass of red it truly was weekend perfection.

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