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Secreto Iberico, What's the big secret?

We are always looking for new culinary adventures so the old ears pricked up and the tastebuds began to tingle when a Spanish friend mentioned the 'Secreto Iberico'. The 'Secret' cut of meat, found just behind the shoulder of the world famous Pata Negra pigs, is every carnivores dream. The pigs forage through oak forests feasting on acorns, that not only produce that distinctly sweet, nutty delicious pork, but also help make the fat good for you. Fat good for you? I hear you cry. The acorns it feasts on help produce a fat high in mono unsaturated fats, said to help the good cholesterol, similar to olive oil. Pork, healthy, a could we say no.

Well the meat looked sensational, almost like a pork Wagyu. A sea of white marbling throughout a delicate light pink flank of belota fed swine. Cook it simple they say, so that's exactly what we did. Sea salt, black pepper and a nice hot barbecue. At only 2-3 minutes each side was it really worth lighting the barbecue for? You better believe it was. Sliced on the angle, pink in the middle we served it with a quite stunning pear salad. Fresh spinach and roquette leaves dressed with grilled pear slices, walnuts, Gorgonzola and a simple vinaigrette......stunning. I would say you just have to try this cut, but if you did it wouldn't be a 'secreto' any more, and between you and me, this is one secret we want kept.

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