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It's all about the flavour

So the chillies have all been potted on and are growing at an amazing rate. They are keeping warm on heated beds under a nice fleece blanket, sounds wonderful. Whilst they are at this stage there isn’t much to do other to keep the soil watered and read them the odd chapter from a Jack Reacher novel to toughen them up. The harder they are the hotter they are we find.

We spend what little spare time we have thinking about the sauces. For us flavour is paramount. Yes I realise this sounds obvious but when we developed the sauces the main aim was to create something using good quality fresh ingredients. The chilli sauces all work using the same base of vine ripened tomatoes, red peppers, red onions and garlic. The relish is full of peppers, ginger, tomatoes and in case of the ‘Magnificent Mango’, surprise surprise, Mangos - now you know where we got the name from. Then we select the chillies for each sauce or condiment. Our hottest sauce ‘HEAT’ commanded the hottest punchiest chillies so we used the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T and the Dorset Naga. The Dorset Naga is a fantastic little chilli. Out of all we grow it is probably my favourite. Despite its eye watering heat (topping 1 million on the Scoville scale) it has an amazing fruity aroma and in my eyes beautiful to look at. The regular Chilli Sauce would use the amazingly versatile Ring of Fire with the Scotch Bonnet taking the lead role in the Sweet Chilli relish. The Scotch Bonnet was made for that job. The sauce works beautifully with mature Cheddar cheese and the medium heat and sweet flavour are just perfect, if you haven’t you really should try it.

We noticed there are so many sauces out there that are pretty much chillies and vinegar and are just hot for hot’s sake. We are not claiming to be some kind of sauce snobs because we like these as much as the next man and woman, but in our sauces we wanted to create something more for the Chilli ‘foodie’. We want to try and change the stereotype; people can love chillies, love spicy, love heat but still love fine food. That’s why we like to think of Jimmy Ginger’s as a range of sauces that is not so much all about the heat, but more about the flavour.

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