My Story

No one ever cares about your story. How you've always loved this or always done that. How your mum was your inspiration in the kitchen, baking fresh bread with the 4 yr old you in a country kitchen. What a load of bollocks. So here is my story. I love food. All food. From spending all month sourcing ingredients from the 4 corners of the globe to create something that would be a fraction of the price at a 3 Michelin stared restaurant, to a dirty kebab on a Friday night. Love it all.

I've even had a dabble in the food industry, making an amazing selection of chilli sauces and jams, but to be honest it was too much hard work. I say it was hard work, after a while I somehow managed to pass it over to the wife without her even realising. Everyone loved them but no one loved making them. So we weighed it all up and knocked it on the head. Food though, I love making it, eating it, talking about it, photographing it. So I have made this website. If you like making it, eating it, talking about it , photographing it, you can make it, eat it, talk about it and photograph it with me. If you don't I guess you might as well jog on. 

Oh and the logo. That was the logo from the chilli sauce business. I can't let it go just yet (and the design cost too much to discard).